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LoveDeal 1/4 Inch Shank Tongue and Groove Router Bit Set, 3 Teeth T Shape Molding Wood Milling Cutter, Adjustable Wood Door Flooring Woodworking Tool, for Kitchen, Bathroom, Cabinet(2 PCS) Building a Home Arcade Machine - The T-moulding | Retromash But first let’s talk about the pre-cut slot that I mentioned. You need to have a groove or slot cut along every edge of your cabinet that you would like to have t-molding on. The slot needs to be cut with a router. It needs to be exactly in the middle and the slot needs to be the right width. Herein lies the problem. How to Cut T Molding Slots for an Arcade Machine - YouTube This is a quick guide on how to cut t-Molding for your arcade machine. If you are working on a DIY arcade machine, then this will help you understand how to add tmolding if you are new to the process. T-Molding Charter Industries T-Molds are Second to None

Cutting the groove for the t-molding. After routing the cabinet sides, i cut a 3/32" groove for the t-molding using a slot cutter bit. The groove has to be about 1/3" deep. The most important thing is to adjust the router to exactly cut the groove in the middle of the boards edge. Now the cabinet sides are finished. The next thing i do is the base.

Slotting Cutter Sets - Carbide Tip Includes three wing slotting cutter, arbor and ball bearing. Producing slots and grooves 9/16" deep for t-moldings, spline joints, tongue and groove joints and other applications. Cuts all composition materials, plywoods, hardwoods, and softwoods. Use on hand-held and table-mounted portable routers. T-Slot Cutters | FINE TOOLS T-Slot Cutters For T-slots in wood and panel material. The T-Slot Cutters from Sistemi Klein are made of tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) steel. The cutters of the router bit nr. 361390 are dimensioned to cut a slot sized to allow a bolt with a 1/4 inch coarse-threaded shaft and a hexagonal head to slide...

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